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Home Sale Down Home Prices UP

Though home sales have gone down 3.1% ,  the "median price for single-family home sales in Central Texas was $260,000 in July 2016, a 6.1 percent increase compared to the same month of the

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Jul 19 2016 20477 1

Do you know……  That we can use secured borrowed funds as a down payment source? If your client doesn’t have the cash and/or doesn’t want to liquidate his positions for down

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Current Rates As Of 07072016

Current Rates* as of 07/07/2016: 30yr fixed= 3.375% (APR= 3.482%): costs 1 point15yr fixed= 2.625% (APR= 2.731%): costs 0.5 points30yr FHA/VA= 3.25% (APR= 4.298%): costs 0 points 

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Jul 8 2016 20477 1

My friend Joel Richardson, with Prime Lending, shared this with me and I thought it was very interesting.Do you know……  Are there interest-only loans anymore?   The

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May 12 2016 20477 1

Property Text Work Shop.'s a chance for homeowners to get the scoop on Texas property tax appraisals. As part of ABoR's partnership

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